Born the year her mother opened up a small flower shop in Connecticut, founder Laurel McConville was quite literally born into the world of entrepreneurship. Those early years immersed in all things green and growing undoubtedly shaped her thinking about food and the way we eat. This thoughtfulness would, over time, become an obsession for clean eating, growing and living.

After attending graduate school in London, Laurel worked for seven years as an educator at a quaint progressive school in Boston. It was during this time, as she led the school in urban gardening initiatives and spent days and nights at The Farm School in Athol, that the decision came to marry her love of food and wellness to her entrepreneurial spirit.

From small farm to small city neighborhood has been the vision for Nectar & Green from day one. Boston is Laurel’s home. And, not by accident, it is the home of Nectar & Green.



We believe in the power of small farms, small neighborhoods and small batch makers. We believe that the key to our health, and the health of the places we live, is directly connected to the foods that we grow, eat and feed others.

It is with this in mind that we source all of our ingredients. We like to keep things close to home when we can, and we like to celebrate those who make and grow food with love.



  • Atlantic Saltworks
  • Cape Cod Lavender Farm
  • Tomten Beeworks
  • Burroughs Family Orchards
  • Equal Exchange